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How Did The LFTR Project Get Started?

TWU’s financier expressed an interest in Renewable Energy Infrastructure Projects.  In evaluating a series of wind and solar projects we came to the conclusion that even with exorbitant Feed-In Tariffs, these projects could not make money — plus the energy they produced would cost more than people or business could afford to pay.

As a result, we spent eighteen months’ research into energy alternatives and arrived at the conclusion that the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) has better potential for profitable inexpensive energy than any other energy alternative available today.

We have recently completed our business plan for a LFTR Supply Chain of enterprises.

This blog will explicate this project and the value propositions that it will deliver.

One Response to TWU/GBCN

  1. Edmund S. Pedro says:

    It is but very timey that this technology be resurrected for the benefit of the whole human race.

    It was purposedly discovered and given by the Creator to be of used and not be shelved.

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