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Remember Chernobyl ? …Things the LFTR will never do.

Do Not Forget Chernobyl !

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The Energy Challenge For The Developing World

It is one thing to compare a developing country in Africa with the sustained advantages of the “West”.  However, it is now necessary to look to the “East” at how terribly impoverished populations are escaping their economic torpor for prosperity: … Continue reading

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No Free Lunch In Wind

“…the California Air Resources Board adopted a requirement that the state obtain 1/3 of its electricity supplies from renewable energy resource by 2020…NJ’s Gov. Christie signed the Offshore Wind Development Act in Aug 10 that requires 1,100 megawatts of wind … Continue reading

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Dartmouth’s Robert Hargraves

Professor Hargraves who teaches Energy Policy at the Institute for Lifelong Education at Dartmouth College has co-authored an article in the American Physical Society forum on Physics and Society‘s quarterly newsletter, called Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactors …it’s worth a read.

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China’s “Breakthrough”…

With only a limited supply of Uranium inside China, the described advantage only delivers 950 years, not 3000 years…Probably Not Just Uranium Still, LFTR has superior advantages over the discussed dual breeder design:  Higher Energy Density, Simplicity, Lower Cost Safety, … Continue reading

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In Spain…

“…Hats off to The Energy Tribune, which has done a fabulous job of chronicling the end of Spain’s wind/solar/renewable bubble that has left the country $26 billion in debt and desperately trying to rev up nuclear power…”  Nuclear Townhall, 6 Jan 11 Crisis Check

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50 Years Ago Today (3Jan11)…

“…America’s most serious reactor accident occurred on what today is the site of the Idaho National Laboratory. This accident involved an ARMY small reactor project called SL-1…” Factors the small modular LFTR totally avoids…

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